Sean Penn Confirms: Steve Bannon Was a ‘Hollywood Wannabe’

Sean Penn Confirms: Steve Bannon Was Just Another ‘Bitter Hollywood Wannabe’ in the ’90s   by Hunter Harris   Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Before Steve Bannon ascended the ranks of Donald Trump’s inner circle (and made a nemesis of Jared Kushner), the president’s chief strategist was just a regular tinseltown wannabe. Sean Penn, onetime journalist, can confirm:… Read More

Trump Ditches Clean Power Plan: What It Means for Science & Health

An executive order signed by President Donald Trump will dismantle the Clean Power Plan. President Donald Trump giving a speech before he signed the Energy Independence Executive Order at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Headquarters on March 28 in Washington, DC. From left to right: Vice President Mike Pence; the President; EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt;… Read More