Bugle Boy “New Wave” Clothing from 1984 aka OMG Thirty-Four!

I must confess when I came across this video via a post on Disqus, it brought some memories flooding back that I hadn’t thought of in – literally – ages.

The clothes, the music, the friends and fun. Such good times.

People and places my thoughts haven’t gone to for…

wait a minute!  2018 minus 1984 equals 34!

Yes um….double check the math….yep it is…


3 and 4

three decades plus 4


You can’t be serious!   34 years ago?!  The number itself triggers a wave of anxiety in my ongoing struggle to not freak out!  The panic, the turmoil, the existential crisis I face when I try calmly to consider facts.  Basic facts everyone else around me deals with too as we all “get older”   And they all seem fine.

But me, I’m having a hell of a time with it as I’m officially over-the-hill.  Over-the-hill and beginning my descent toward the inevitable.   Careening with ever-increasing speed toward the Grim Reaper

Many, many years and decades are behind me at this point in my life.  And fewer and fewer are, statistically, going to be in my future.

I know this because I can do math.

And it’s very noticeable when I look in the mirror.

And I’m older than 80% of all the males in the United States.

Oh, and I get alot of stuff from AARP, but anyway….

Enjoy this peek at 1984 fashion.   Nineteen Eighty-Four!  NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR!!

Peter Godwin – Images of Heaven

Images of (Fashion) Heaven | Peter Godwin (Klara Tavakoli Goesche)

Published on Aug 11, 2010

One of the most exciting flashbacks to an all-time favorite of mine from the early 1980’s.  The retro 60’s and 70’s fashion footage is great.

Images of Heaven in HD quality sound uploaded on YouTube by Marc D is worth checking out…

Marc D
Published on Oct 5, 2017
#20 on my Top 200 @https://marcstop200songs.blogspot.com/
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A Flock of Seagulls – I Ran


Their New Wave Synth-Pop hit from 1982 made waves at the time with its futuristic looks and sound.

A Flock of Seagulls I Ran (So Far Away) 1982



It was #1 in Australia and Top 10 in the United States that summer with heavy rotation on MTV.



A Flock of Seagulls
GIF from A Flock of Seagulls video “I Ran (So Far Away)” 1982

New Wave Mix

This is NEW WAVE 80’s MIX from DJ Ciberpop

Alot of my faves from when I wore a turquoise Parrot shirt, “Baggy Jeans”, purple Shoestring Tie and red Crayons shoes – it was the early 80’s what can I say?  😉 😝 😄


the mix: Dj Ciberpop

00:00:00 THE CARS – Heartbeat city
00:04:04 A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS – I ran (so far away)
00:05:53 BIG COUNTRY – In a big country
00:07:51 ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN – Lips like sugar
00:13:26 NEW ORDER – Perfect kiss
00:16:52 A-HA – The sun always shine on tv
00:21:59 CAMOUFLAGE – Love is a shield
00:24:33 OMD – So in love
00:27:52 TEARS FOR FEARS – Pale shelter
00:31:00 OMD – If you leave
00:33:48 DER KOMMISSAR – After the fire
00:36:45 THE HUMAN LEAGUE – Fascination
00:40:58 BLONDIE – Heart of glass
00:43:50 ROXY MUSIC – Same old scene
00:46:08 THE MOTELS – Shame
00:49:49 TALK TALK – It’s my life
00:52:39 THE B52’S – Summer of love
00:55:40 THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS – Love my way
00:58:18 DURAN DURAN – The reflex
01:01:13 TALKING HEADS – Wild wild life
01:04:54 THE PRETENDERS – Middle of the road
01:09:01 GENERAL PUBLIC – Tenderness
01:11:06 WAX – Right between the eyes
01:14:56 M – Pop muzic
01:17:03 BELOUIS SOME – Imagination
01:20:25 HOWARD JONES – Things can only get better
01:22:50 THOMPSON TWINS – King for a day
01:26:24 TALK TALK – Living in another world
01:28:12 CHINA CRISIS – Black man ray
01:30:31 MORRISSEY – Everyday is like sunday
01:33:50 THE CHURCH – Under the milky way