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Bugle Boy “New Wave” Clothing from 1984 aka OMG Thirty-Four!

You can’t be serious!   34 years ago?!  The number itself triggers a wave of anxiety in my ongoing struggle to not freak out!  The panic, the turmoil, the existential crisis…

Peter Godwin – Images of Heaven

Images of (Fashion) Heaven | Peter Godwin (Klara Tavakoli Goesche) Klara Tavakoli Goesche Published on Aug 11, 2010 Merged two things I love––slow motion 60’s fashion films (60’s-70’s fashion, in general) and one of my favorite tunes, Peter Godwin’s “Images of Heaven.” It has since been approved by the fabulous


A Flock of Seagulls – I Ran

Their New Wave Synth-Pop hit from 1982 made waves at the time with its futuristic looks and sound.     It was #1 in Australia and Top 10 in the United States that summer with heavy rotation on MTV.    

New Wave Mix

This is NEW WAVE 80’s MIX from DJ Ciberpop PRETENDERS, BLONDIE, THE B-52’S, PSYCHEDELIC FURS, OMD, NEW ORDER, TEARS FOR FEARS and many more more more. Alot of my faves from when I wore a turquoise Parrot shirt, “Baggy Jeans”, purple Shoestring Tie and red Crayons shoes – it was

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