The Trailer For Matt Bomer’s Controversial Transgender Movie Is Here | HuffPost

May 11, 2018

Premiere May 11, 2018

“Anything” has taken pre-release heat over Bomer’s casting. The Trailer For Matt Bomer’s Controversial Transgender Movie Is Here | HuffPost

Mark Ruffalo, who starred opposite Bomer in “The Normal Heart” and is an executive producer of “Anything,” said he understood the trans community’s concerns after the controversy arose.

10 Must-See Gaytainments to Look Forward to in 2018

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Bohemian Rhapsody on Fox December 2018


Now that 2017 has come to a close, our wilting Christmas trees have moved to the curb, and everyone resolves to get into shape for the coming year (see how long that lasts), the time has come to look ahead at 2018 and all things queer in the entertainment world.

These movies and television shows stand out from the pack, some for featuring queer talent … 10 must-see gaytainments to look forward to in 2018

HRC Projects CDC’s ‘Banned Words’ Onto Trump Hotel

HRC filed a Freedom of Information Act request for records related to the Trump-Pence Administration’s directive to ban words like “transgender” and “diversity” at the CDC.

Source: HRC Projects CDC’s ‘Banned Words’ Onto Trump Hotel

Pastor Blames Secret Gay Nazi Death Squads for Vegas Mass Shooting

/ LGBTQ Nation

If dumb were dirt, he’d cover about an acre. Pastor blames secret gay Nazi death squads for Vegas mass shooting / LGBTQ Nation

That Time in 1979 When 100,000 LGBT People Took Over Washington to Demand Civil Rights



/ LGBTQ Nation

Washington, DC had never seen anything like it. Nor had the world: The National March on Washington for Lesbian & Gay Rights, held October 14, 1979, almost 40 years ago, was truly groundbreaking. That time in 1979 when 100,000 LGBT people took over Washington to demand civil rights / LGBTQ Nation


In 1919, the First Pro-Gay Movie Was Made. A Year Later, It Was Banned.

“Different from the Others” was a haunting film made 50 years before Stonewall.

In 1919 – half a century before Stonewall – the first known film that was sympathetic to gay people was produced.  Different from the Others (Anders als die Andern) is a German movie about a relationship between a master violinist and his student. In 1919, the first pro-gay movie was made. A year later, it was banned. / LGBTQ Nation

19 years later: A memorial tribute to Matthew Shepard / LGBTQ Nation

Today we still live in a society that proclaims we don’t have a right to exist, but exist we do, everywhere, in all walks of life.

Matthew Shepard, in a family photo carried in his father’s wallet. Courtesy the Matthew Shepard Foundation

In the words of Judy Shepard, Matt’s mother, “Go home, give your kids a hug, and don’t let a day go by without telling them you love them.” 19 years later: A memorial tribute to Matthew Shepard / LGBTQ Nation

You Won’t Believe What’s in the Swag Bag at the Hate Group Summit Trump Headlined

Trump is the first and only President to speak at the “Values Voters Summit”


Just when we thought we had lost all ability to be shocked by this administration…

The mass meltdown that is Donald Trump gave a speech at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C today, making him the first president ever to address the gathering of white supremacists, far right activists, and religious zealots. You won’t believe what’s in the swag bag at the hate group summit Trump headlined

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The Largest Showcase Of Queer Fashion Designers At NYFW Will Be A ‘R/Evolution’ | HuffPost

For the fifth year in a row, a slew of queer designers, models and fashion connoisseurs will pack the Brooklyn Museum on Thursday night for the largest queer fashion show held during New York Fashion Week.

Curated by Anita Dolce Vita and dapperQ, this year’s show is titled “R/Evolution” and features the work of some of the biggest up-and-coming queer designers navigating the fashion world. The Largest Showcase Of Queer Fashion Designers At NYFW Will Be A ‘R/Evolution’ | HuffPost

Gay-Hating Neo-Nazi Sobs Like a Baby After Learning He’s Wanted For Arrest in Charlottesville

Meet Christopher Cantwell. He’s a 36-year-old alt-right, neo-Nazi, white supremacist homophobe who participated in last weekend’s white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. (Read a detailed account of his horrible, horrible views here.)


“I have been told there’s a warrant out for my arrest,” Cantwell sniffles. “With … Gay-hating neo-Nazi sobs like a baby after learning he’s wanted for arrest in Charlottesville