Boston Dynamics: New Horrifying Tricks From the SpotMini and Atlas | Inverse

If the Earth is conquered by robots sometime in the future then the world can look at Boston Dynamics as the starting point for the demise of the human race. The robotics company released new videos of its Atlas and MiniSpot robots doing new tricks, and it’s both fascinating and terrifying. Boston Dynamics:… Read More

End of the World Postponed Until October 15, Says David Meade | Inverse

Because the world didn’t end on September 23 as originally predicted. Self-proclaimed Christian “researcher” David Meade predicted the apocalypse would begin on Saturday, September 23, but now he says it’s actually going to happen on October 15. Usually, doomsayers reschedule the date far enough out that people won’t remember when the previous incorrect prediction was. End… Read More

Nazi Plane Landed on a Georgia Highway, Frightening Locals | Inverse

REPOST FROM JULY 2017 The pilot was, it seems, a huge dumb-ass in dire need of a great big wedgie. It’s a cliche at this point to point out all the signs of the end times that keep showing up in 2017. But regardless of that fact, a Nazi plane just landed on a highway… Read More

Canadian Human Toe Cocktail Tradition Is Gross But Mostly Safe 

By Jacqueline Ronson on June 20, 2017 via Up in the far north of Canada, there is a bar where you can order a shot of whiskey garnished with a real human toe. According to myth and legend, the strange tradition began nearly a century ago after a rum runner named Otto Linken amputated… Read More