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The Vanishing World of Neon Motel Signs – Atlas Obscura

A photographer has spent decades capturing these symbols of Americana and the open road. The rise of automobile culture at the end of World War II gave Americans an easy and affordable way to see the country. Subsequently, mom-and-pop motels began appearing to meet the demand created by these new

Ghosts of Architecture Past: 14 Fossils of Fallen Buildings | weburbanist.com

Like hazy memories or flickers of imagination, architectural structures either long since lost or never built in the first place interact with three-dimensional space in the form of ghostly sculptu… weburbanist.com: Ghosts of Architecture Past: 14 Fossils of Fallen Buildings

100 Years of American Men’s Fashion In Pictures

    Seeing the menswear looks of the day from the past 100 years, it’s clear that men’s fashion is not all that cyclical. businessinsider.com: 100 years of American men’s fashion, in pictures – Business Insider

Quiz: Can You Identify All These Historical Objects?

What IS that thing??  95% of Americans can’t name all these historical objects.  Humans have always been innovating – for literally thousands of years. See how many you can name at topixoffbeat.com: Quiz: Can You Identify All These Historical Objects?

11 Facts You Might Not Know About Christmas Trees

From contentious early history to new scientific experiments, these facts will help you see this holiday fixture anew. mentalfloss.com: 11 Facts You Might Not Know About Christmas Trees   And another fact not included in the 11 Facts from mentalfloss.com

How Drag Has Been Part of Mainstream Philly Culture Since the Early 19th Century / LGBTQ Nation

When Philly started sponsoring the Mummers parade there was an award for drag queens. lgbtqnation.com: How drag has been part of mainstream Philly culture since the early 19th century / LGBTQ Nation  

Amazing Vintage Images You’ve Never Seen

We take a look at some surprising images of everyday life throughout history. msn.com: Amazing vintage images you’ve never seen

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