Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura

via Architectural Digest

The restaurant sits in the Gucci Museo, located at the Palazzo della Mercanzia between the Piazza della Signoria and the Piazza di San Firenze.

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The Performers: Act VI – Michael Clark

GUCCI and British GQ

However anyone wants to label it, initially I expected an avant-garde GUCCI-driven fantasy. For me it is that, however, I also get a sense of realism and honesty in the way Michael Clark looks and moves in the images.

Published on Mar 19, 2018

In British GQ and Gucci’s original video series ‘The Performers’ Act VI, post punk dancer Michael Clark performs in Tokyo’s love hotels and in a bath house.

Director: Johnny Hardstaff
Music: Chloé ft. Ben Shemie ‘Recall’

Gucci Spring Summer 2018

GUCCI has been around for decades and that’s wonderful.
Lately though, the fashion house has been selling a look I call “Fashion Dork”. 

The men and women are styled to look so nerdy in “luxury” designs – as if they all gathered back stage, grabbed clothing and accessories at random and came walking out the runway.  If that’s how they intend to “brand” themselves so be it, I’m no expert.   Take a look.  

GUCCI Spring/Summer 2018 Ready to Wear

GUCCI Spring/Summer 2018 Ready to Wear

GUCCI Spring/Summer 2018 Ready to Wear