FACT CHECK: Is This a ‘Lava Moon’ Melting Into a Waterfall?

A picture purportedly showing the moon “melting” into a waterfall frequently draws “oohs and ahhs” as it gets passed around on social media: credits: waterfall by @markian.b & moon by @NASA via @unsplash (CC0)   snopes.com:  Is This a ‘Lava Moon’ Melting Into a Waterfall?   and here it is animated in a post from YouTube      

How to Watch Two Super-Moons, a Blue Moon, and a Total Lunar Eclipse This January — Quartz

Visible super-moons—full moons that appear when the moon is at its closest orbital point to Earth—aren’t very rare. Having three in a row certainly is.     Super-moons are happening during January 2018 quartz.com: Super-Moon Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse

Ultimate Holiday Movie: Divine in John Waters’ Female Trouble

‘She has a lot of problems’     Dawn Davenport lives for Christmas morning and the cha-cha heels she’s wanted forever. When Christmas comes and it doesn’t turn out as she expected, all hell breaks loose.  Dawn runs away from home and experiences a series of misfortunes that lead to a bizarre, freakish, distorted, perversion… Read More

GOP Goon-Squad fka FCC Kills Net Neutrality

FCC is yet another Goon-Squad owned and operated by self-serving traitors to America aka $$$$ GOP Republicans $$$$  GOP serves their donors – I mean…..Owners – the Top 1% and greedy, amoral Corporations   and don’t forget they hate government yet they have it stacked so they make out like bandits while living off the… Read More