Philly’s Most Iconic Buildings | Mapped

“From the Philadelphia Museum of Art to Independence Hall, these buildings are the heart and soul of this city.”

Philadelphia City Hall – the largest city building in the United States
30th Street Station in Philadelphia
1 Liberty Place in Center City Philadelphia

“That’s why we’d argue that Philly has some of the most iconic buildings in the U.S., from Independence Hall (It was the birthplace of America, after all) to the always dazzling Philadelphia Museum of Art.” via Philly’s most iconic buildings, mapped


American City Skylines

Merely some of the great American City skylines.  More to come.

Chicago, Illinois
Chicago, Illinois

Atlanta, Georgia USA
Atlanta, Georgia

Houston, Texas

San Francisco Skyline
San Francisco, California

New York City Skyline
New York City, New York

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Seattle, Washington
Seattle, Washington

Miami, Florida
Miami, Florida

Boston, Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts


The Vision of Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Water (Kaufmann house) – Fayette County, Pennsylvania

A complete guide to the designs of an architectural genius

Robie House – Hyde Park, Chicago, Illinois

Florida Southern College – Lakeland, Florida

Sketches for Guggenheim Museum – New York City,  New York

Millard House – Pasadena, California

SC Johnson Wax Complex –  Racine, Wisconsin