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“When Art and Physics Collide – Brought to you by Hyundai Motor Company

Illuminating the principles of quantum physics, ‘Quantum’ invites us to explore new paradigms of modern science and techno-scientific culture. Ten artist projects explode how quantum physics impacts our social reality, with far-reaching and unexpected results. The curators join multidisciplinary artist Lea Porsager as she explores the collision between quantum theory, sensuality and spirituality.”

Art + Technology via YouTube August 2019

Pride Forever

“The LGBT Community Center of New York City, with support from, has worked to preserve LGBTQ+ history for future generations…”

Why Chronic Floods Are Coming to New Jersey – Vox

  Scientists have directly observed sea level rise since the late 18th century. And as they forecast the next 20, 50, and 100 years, sea level rise will continue to accelerate at an alarming rate. That rise won’t just threaten homeowners on the coast — it will also impact the critical infrastructure that supports many …

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