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Dwight David Eisenhower was the President of the United States in 1959. Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower was the 34th President of the United States from January 20 1953 to January 20 1961.  He succeeded Harry S. Truman as president…  He was most famously known as the General of the United States Armed Forces during World War II.

Richard M. Nixon was the Vice President of the United States in 1959. As the 36th Vice President, he served from 1953 to 1961. He lost the election for President in 1960 to John F. Kennedy, but was elected President in 1974.  – via

Toys: Little girls love Barbie Dolls created by Ruth Handler and made by Mattel

Transportation: The Boeing 707 Jet Airliner comes into service

Premiering on television in 1959 was “The Twilight Zone”, joining already successful TV shows like Perry Mason, Rawhide, Lassie, The Lone Ranger, Bonanza, Gunsmoke and others. Popular movies were “Some Like it Hot” (featured image above) “Ben Hur” and “North by Northwest”. 


1959 Significant Events

The Cuban revolution ends and Fidel Castro comes to power, creating the first Communist nation in the West.

Alaska and Hawaii are admitted as the 49th and 50th states in the U.S.

The Soviet Union’s Luna 2 spacecraft becomes the first man-made object to touch the surface of the Moon after it crashes.

The first astronauts are introduced by NASA ( John H. Glenn, Jr. and Alan Shepard, Jr. ).

The St. Lawrence Seaway is completed.