Nineteen Fifty-Nine | 1959


I’ve done an internet-based search to find anything and everything related to 1959 – the year I was born.  I wanted to try to get a sense for what it was like and how things were for people during that time.

Mid-century modern homes 1959

I spent hours poring over and collecting news, trivia, pictures, information about events, the world,  movies – anything and everything. 

I’ll soon be 61 and I’m still searching – for what it is I don’t know – but I’m still searching. 

Here’s some of what I’ve found 

Drive-up payphone service 1959

1959 Chevy Impala Four-Door Sedan

Gunter Renkel (Ger.)1959 minimalist REGO chair. merzbau – Home

Guggenheim Museum – architect Frank Lloyd Wright 1959