Fendi Men’s Spring/Summer 2019 Collection: On the Runway

Yin and Yang, darkness and light find their balance, in FF territory for Spring/Summer 2019. Creative Director Silvia Venturini Fendi collaborate with guest artist Nico Vascellari whose obsession with playful anagrams and a mythological view of the natural world manifests across an easy wardrobe of performing streamlined staples. Discover more on Fendi.com

CANTABRICO. TIMELAPSE 4K. PARTE 1 from Juan Carlos Cortina on Vimeo.

This is the first chapter of a trip along the northern coast of the Iberian Peninsula that I started in Galicia, going through the western half of Asturias, and that I intend to finish in Hendaye, the eastern end of the Cantabrian Sea.   CANTABRICO. TIMELAPSE 4K. PARTE 1 from Juan Carlos Cortina on Vimeo.… Read More

Kraftwerk – Trans-Europe Express

Full album + bonus tracks – 1977 Kraftwerk Made in Germany More than 40 years since Kraftwerk recorded this studio album in 1976.  Futuristic and techno at the time and critically acclaimed to this day.  Excerpt from wikipedia.org: Trans-Europe Express has also appeared on top album lists from a variety of sources. In 2001, TV network… Read More

The Performers: Act VI – Michael Clark

However anyone wants to label it, initially I expected an avant-garde GUCCI-driven fantasy. For me it is that, however, I also get a sense of realism and honesty in the way Michael Clark looks and moves in the images. GUCCI Published on Mar 19, 2018 In British GQ and Gucci’s original video series ‘The Performers’… Read More

This Video is a Beautiful Reminder to Look Up at the Moon | The Verge

A new video titled “A New View of the Moon” captures the awed reactions of passersby looking at the Moon and its craters. For some, it’s the first time — and they can’t believe their eyes. Read more at:  theverge.com: This video is a beautiful reminder to look up at the Moon – The Verge

Grace Jones – Slave to the Rhythm

First single from Grace Jones’ 1985 album of the same name The music video for “Slave to the Rhythm” features the hit single version of the song, billed as “Ladies and Gentlemen: Miss Grace Jones” in the album track listing. It largely consists of previously seen footage, using excerpts from Jones’ previously released music videos,… Read More