Skull-Shaped Asteroid to Pass by Earth After Halloween

It’s further away than it was the last time it flew by and it doesn’t really look like a skull anymore   – here it is…..the image above is an ‘enhanced’ version

skull shaped asteroid Skull-shaped asteroid to pass by Earth after Halloween


credit for featured skull asteroid image:   2015-tb145-skull-asteroid-credit-ja-penas-sinc-1120


Perseid Meteor Shower: All You Need to Know | Astronomy Essentials | EarthSky







Some believe that Monday morning – August 13 – will be the best morning for 2018’s Perseid meteor shower. Perseid meteor shower: All you need to know | Astronomy Essentials |

Facial Recognition Technology is Here to Stay. And we should all probably accept it. — Quartz

Today these same companies are under fire from their employees over who this technology is being sold to, namely branches of the US government like the Department of Defense and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Facial Recognition Technology via

There’s no putting the cat back in the bag.

Workers from Google, Microsoft, and now Amazon have signed petitions and quit in protest of the government work.

Read more at Facial recognition technology is here to stay. And we should all probably get over it — Quartz

Sharing my perspective on this subject:  AI technology is moving so rapidly that if we don’t pay attention – and most people don’t – it will deal the final blow to what little is left of our privacy.  Our personal lives will no longer be personal.  We will become ‘profiles’ for governments, corporations, employers, and private citizens with the resources (aka $$$$$) to access and review and analyze.  Our humanity reduced to data on a server somewhere.   AI will record all our faces for what?  because it can?  The image our appearance, our moods and expressions, presents to the world is joining the rest of the 0’s and 1’s already accumulated to identify us.  No one will have any privacy their entire lives and we have yet to see the price we’ll all pay for it.   AmishHomo

Boston Dynamics: New Horrifying Tricks From the SpotMini and Atlas | Inverse

Boston Dynamics on

If the Earth is conquered by robots sometime in the future then the world can look at Boston Dynamics as the starting point for the demise of the human race.

The robotics company released new videos of its Atlas and MiniSpot robots doing new tricks, and it’s both fascinating and terrifying.

Boston Dynamics on Boston Dynamics: New Horrifying Tricks From the SpotMini and Atlas | Inverse



Hubble’s 28th Anniversary | NASA

Hubble launched aboard the space shuttle Discovery on April 24, 1990, and was deployed into Earth orbit a day later. NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), which jointly run the Hubble mission, release great photos every April to celebrate these milestones.  –

Video from NASA YouTube channel


read and see more via   Hubble’s 28th Anniversary featuring Lagoon Nebula

Celebrate Earth Day with NASA’s Terra Tools and Posters |

To celebrate Earth Day (April 22) this year, NASA invites everyone to share views of Earth with the world — and to tack up artists’ perspectives of our home planet on their walls.

Earth Day 2018 Celebrate Earth Day 2018

San Francisco Bay Area is a Nightmare – According to Science

The San Francisco Bay Area may be one of the most disaster-prone parts of the country.

How can that be “good for business”?

San Francisco Bay Area is riddled with fault lines (drawn in red) US Geological Survey
There are “seven significant fault lines” – shown in red – running through San Francisco and the Bay Area – US Geological Survey

I’ve been to San Francisco, taking a flight that arrived late at night.  I awoke the next morning to a “minor” earthquake, a low-sounding rumble that caused pictures on the walls to flop around, the door to open, creaking and moving, while I was scared out of my wits.

Beautiful city, but earthquakes – definitely not for me…

California's Antelope Valley freeway passes near folded layers of sediment above the San Andreas Fault. David McNew/Getty Images
California’s Antelope Valley freeway passes near folded layers of sediment above the San Andreas Fault. David McNew/Getty Images

…and wouldn’t driving by this every day be a constant reminder of looming disaster?

People who live in the area experience small earthquakes and shakes all the time. But those aren’t the rumbles that scare seismologists.

It’s the bigger, disastrous quakes scientists are really worried about.

And they say San Francisco is due for another soon.

San Francisco, California randyandy/Shutterstock
The New York Times recently estimated that more than 100 of the city’s tallest buildings (higher than 22 stories) have been built in areas with a “very high” chance of liquefaction in an earthquake.

Can you imagine being there for “The Big One”?  looking toward The Pyramid (TransAmerica Building) and other skyscrapers, watching them sway, crumble and collapse?  Then the hell-fires start with no way to put them out. 

1989 Otto Greule Jr /Getty
Marina district was hit hard by the 6.9 magnitude Loma Prieta Earthquake on October 17, 1989.  Otto Greule Jr /Getty

The Marina District was built on top of 19th century garbage used as landfill.  Some of the most expensive real estate in the US will be destroyed by earthquakes and the resulting fires.  How do they get homeowners insurance without it costing a fortune? 


Find out more about ALL the looming disasters – not just earthquakes – science says are in store for the “Tekkies” taking over San Francisco and the Bay Area at San Francisco Bay Area is a nightmare, according to science – Business Insider

Drastic Arctic Warm Event Stuns Scientists

as Record-Breaking Temperatures Reach the North Pole


University of Maine / Climate Change Institute
Record warm temperatures in Arctic melting ice much faster than expected – scientists in shock

Scientists interviewed for this story say that the Arctic warming event, technically known as a warm air intrusion, may be a common feature of the Arctic climate, as comparatively mild and moist air from the mid-latitudes is transported north by storm systems. However, this event was not like the others, researchers said. Arctic warm event stuns scientists, as record warmth reaches North Pole

Nerds Rule, Tesla in Space! – Dan’s Wild Wild Science Journal

Today was a day that will long be remembered. Perhaps the most iconic images from space since the Apollo era as Elon Musk’s red Tesla climbed away from the Earth as millions watched it live. The images below are not fake. They are real, and from a video camera by the Tesla. You gotta love the car tag as well: Don’t Panic. THIS is how you make science cool. I … Nerds Rule, Tesla in Space! – Dan’s Wild Wild Science Journal

How to Watch Two Super-Moons, a Blue Moon, and a Total Lunar Eclipse This January — Quartz

Visible super-moons—full moons that appear when the moon is at its closest orbital point to Earth—aren’t very rare. Having three in a row certainly is.


Moon Sneezes Stars


Super-moons are happening during January 2018 Super-Moon Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse