‘They want to throw God’s wonderful breathing system out’

Palm Beach, Florida

“Before a vote on wearing of masks in public, Palm Beach commissioners were harangued by residents.” bbc.com

bbc.com: ‘They want to throw God’s wonderful breathing system out’

Florida Governor Desantis – a Trump sycophant and boot-licker – delayed shutdown, left beaches open for Spring Break, pressured health officials to delay announcements, withheld data from residents, wouldn’t wear a mask and, without evidence, points fingers at and blames Hispanic farmworkers. Like Trump he’s a despicable low-life responsible for the deaths of Americans. Reckless and dangerous!



‘Trump Death Clock’ In Times Square Is Grim Reminder Of Preventable Virus Deaths | HuffPost

“A digital billboard in New York City’s Times Square targeting President Donald Trump’s early inaction on coronavirus reached a grave milestone on Wednesday, as it ticked over to an estimated 50,000 preventable deaths.” – Josephine Harvey huffpost.com

Trump Death Clock in Times Square NYC

huffpost.com: ‘Trump Death Clock’ In Times Square Is Grim Reminder Of Preventable Virus Deaths | HuffPost

The Traitors Among Us

“Donald Trump likes to call his opponents traitors — but if he’s looking for treasonous behavior, he should look within his own party.”

Donald Trump at NATO Summit in UK – Getty Images

rollingstone.com: The Traitors Among Us

“because America is in the midst of a treason boom right now, and more than a few people in Trump’s immediate orbit — and Trump himself — richly and actually deserve the title of traitor, and the treason inherent in their acts and words is apparent.”

– Rick Wilson GOP Political Strategist | Dec 4, 2019 rollingstone.com

“A Gay Vietnam Veteran”

Leonard Matlovich Tombstone

Leonard Matlovich tombstone he designed himself

“The headstone belonging to a gay Vietnam veteran still today remains a poignant reminder of the homophobia faced by the LGBTQ+ community on a daily basis. He arranged for his own burial at Congressional Cemetery, and designed his tombstone which reads: “A Gay Vietnam Veteran. When I was in the military, they gave me a medal for killing two men, and a discharge for loving one.””

Vintage Everyday @ vintage.es
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Pride Forever

The LGBT Community Center of New York City, with support from Google.org, has worked to preserve LGBTQ+ history for future generations by extending the Stonewall National Monument from its physical location in New York City to a digital experience that can be accessed by everyone, everywhere.

pride.google June 2019

Celebrating the past, present, and future of the LGBTQ+ community.

pride.google June 2019

via pride.google: Pride Forever

10 Maps Show How Different LGBTQ Rights Are Around The World


-Business Insider

To understand how gay rights vary around the world, Business Insider created a set of maps.

Shayanne Gall and Ashley Collman
Same-sex marriage supporters take part in a LGBT pride parade after losing in the marriage equality referendum, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. credit: Tyrone Siu/Reuters

businessinsider.com: 10 maps show how different LGBTQ rights are around the world – Business Insider

PHOTOS: A Loving Look Back at the Early ACT UP Heroes of the AIDS Epidemic

“In his new photo book, The AIDS Activist Project Bill Bytsura showcases 18 activists from around the globe, photographed over two decades, and including members of ACT UP (The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) chapters from the United States and Europe.”

– David Toussaint, Dec. 1, 2018 queerty.com

Madrid St. Angelo

queerty.com: PHOTOS: A loving look back at the early ACT UP heroes of the AIDS epidemic

Aldyn McKean

Far-Right Trolls Are Falsely Saying LGBT Activists Want Pedophilia Accepted

Baseless accusations of LGBT activists supporting the acceptance of pedophilia as a sexual orientation have resurfaced thanks to far-right trolls and internet conspiracists.

The latest push of the false narrative came from actor and prominent conservative James Woods, who frequently uses his Twitter account to spread falsehoods.


AH Comments:  James Woods?  Now that he’s practically faded into oblivion, his distribution of such hateful lies appears to be a desperate need to reclaim some of the attention and validation he received when he was an actor.   He’s pathetic.  Reduced to  acting for an audience of bigots and haters.  

LGBTQ have NEVER promoted acceptance of pedophilia.  It’s an outrageous LIE.  An emotionally charged tactic being used by rightwing-nuts and fake Christians to demonize LGBTQ. 

The result being sustained discrimination, bigotry, hate and escalating violence.

“If you don’t know any better and you already think there’s something wrong with this community, you’re going to see this as more reason why it shouldn’t have rights.”

buzzfeednews.com: Far-Right Trolls Are Falsely Saying LGBT Activists Want Pedophilia Accepted

The Queen Threw Some Subtle Shade at Trump

when he came to visit / LGBTQ Nation

The royal family’s disdain for the crass orange blowhard is hardly a secret …The royals – particularly Princes Harry and Charles – are friends with the Obamas. And since the Queen is notoriously fastidious about protocols of state, it was hardly an accident that she wore the “American State Visit brooch” as Trump…

read more @ lgbtqnation.com  The Queen Threw Subtle Shade at Trump


Now Available! Mind Your Own F king Business!

Funny and tragic and sad … Corrupted, amoral Republican party along with #DumpTrump #FoxFakeNews and rightwing-nut cult drag the United States down to a new low…..

at least this humor allows some sort of catharsis

Mind Your Own F king Business comedian Cat Adell