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Bugle Boy “New Wave” Clothing from 1984 aka OMG Thirty-Four!

You can’t be serious!   34 years ago?!  The number itself triggers a wave of anxiety in my ongoing struggle to not freak out!  The panic, the turmoil, the existential crisis…

Forbidden Destinations You Can Never Visit | Far & Wide

From man-made, guarded structures to natural enigmas protected by environmental science, a slew of spots across the globe are entirely forbidden to outside travelers.   Extraterrestrial secrets, locked mysteries of religion, virgin wildlife and more make these places intriguingly off-limits. Forbidden Destinations You Can Never Visit | Far &

The US Really Has 11 Separate ‘Nations’ With Entirely Different Cultures

Each region in the United States, from “Yankeedom” to “El Norte,” has its own cultural identity, says author Colin Woodard. This map shows the US really has 11 separate ‘nations’ with entirely different cultures

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Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura

The restaurant sits in the Gucci Museo, located at the Palazzo della Mercanzia between the Piazza della Signoria and the Piazza di San Firenze. See more on Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura Read and see more at  FASHION Gucci Garden, a Combination Restaurant, Museum, Shop, Opens in Florence Gucci

Happy Easter! Welcome Spring!

Easter at the White House Has Been Ruined…

(from March 2017) | Who thinks we may have a repeat “Easter brush-off” by #DumpTrump and Melania ? Easter at the White House has been ruined thanks to Melania Trump. Sad! |Queerty Since 1878, the Easter Egg Roll has always been coordinated by the first lady. Seeing as how Mrs. Trump

Fendi’s Remarkable History

 The journey of Fendi began over ninety years ago in a family-run shop on Via del Plebiscito, in the heart of Rome, Italy. The everlasting charm of the Eternal City and the daring creativity of Fendi go hand-in-hand, as both blaze a trail into the future.   Read and see

Quiz: Can You Identify All These Historical Objects?

What IS that thing??  95% of Americans can’t name all these historical objects.  Humans have always been innovating – for literally thousands of years. See how many you can name at Quiz: Can You Identify All These Historical Objects?

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What About Cows?

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania among the woods and farmland, we had some experience with this bovine because of the neighboring dairy farm.   Out of the barn at the same time every morning, and back to the barn at the same time late afternoon.       The cows

Queer Pulp Novels

More Retro Gay Pulp Novels

Retro Queer fiction with racy titles and cover art that’s cheesy, funny and amusing look-back. Check out these ….

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