Image and Intimacy by Stuart Sandford at Tom of Finland House

Notice: The Stuart Sandford collection contains graphic (NOT pornographic) images for mature audiences only.

Stuart Sandford: 1421 Laveta Terrace

This exhibition consists of Stuart Sandford’s Polaroid suite, “1421 Laveta Terrace,” snapshots of his personal experiences and atmosphere at the Tom of Finland Foundation taken during his time as artist-in-residence there and serving as an homage to Tom, alongside a special collaboration of portraits with porn actor Brent Corrigan, as well as documentation of a bronze sculpture where visitors to Tom of Finland Foundation were asked to contribute their urine in the making of the work.

CULTUREEDIT/Tom of Finland Store presents an online exhibition titled 1421 Laveta Terrace, an intimate collection of photographs and moving image works by British artist Stuart Sandford. Image and Intimacy by Stuart Sandford at Tom of Finland House

Male Erotica “With Props”

Provocative images of nude or nearly nude men

– the first pouring copious amounts of milk but not into a glass,

Damien Crosse from Barcelona, Spain via Tumblr



















the next featuring peonies in the background (and not wearing much in the foreground),

Man with Elizabethan Peonies


while yet another salaciously reclines in fetish gear and heels.

Source: musclenheels via Tumblr
















And bringing up the rear (pun intended) is the classic man-in-the-shower shot, but this guy has a trio of special visitors

source:  bonitominino via tumblr


World of Leather: How Tom of Finland Created a Legendary Gay Aesthetic | Art and Design | The Guardian

His subversive drawings ridiculed authority figures and inspired the look of Freddie Mercury and the Village People. A new film tells the story of Touko Laaksonen’s rise to become Europe’s kinkiest art export

Initially drawing men in riding breeches and army officers in brown leather bomber jackets, he got into the biker look after seeing Marlon Brando in The Wild One. Thereafter, says Durk Dehner, a Canadian friend of Laaksonen’s and now the custodian of his work, Laaksonen and the nascent gay leather scene would inspire one another. Laaksonen would draw his fantasies and send them to friends. World of leather: how Tom of Finland created a legendary gay aesthetic | Art and design | The Guardian

Where’s The Beef for Your July 4th?


If you’re hustling to get everything ready for a picnic or cook-out this weekend, why not take a break, pour a glass of whatever, and let your eyes wander over this Grade A #1 beef that somehow ended up on this blog.  😉

Already hot from working the grill

Always the show off, says he can’t find his swim trunks

Got it all together and kickin’ back

Not sure what the rope is for and I’m not even asking

His turn to be lifeguard this year?  Save me!

Who’s the sexy daddy with the beard?

Who’s the sexy gay nerd with the tattoo ?


Don’t look at me that way, you’re the one with your ass out

Is a jockstrap ok for the beach?

Forever the perfect guest

Strong silent type


“Gay” Art 👀 😉 😳 🙄 And Some Images of Naked/Nearly Naked Men 👀 😉 😳 🙄

Don’t panic!  “Rated R” at most.  Many are artistic in a certain way, a couple are kinda cheesy, and the rest are just worth looking at…..