Photos: Inside the Fabled Walls of the Chelsea Hotel – Vanity Fair

The lobby, which was once filled with tenant artwork, now only showcases a sculpture of a child on a swing by Eugenie Gershoy, who was a resident artist in the 60s.
Another shot from inside #920, which was once composer Virgil Thomson’s apartment. Carlson and Taaffe moved in after Thomson’s death in 1989. Carlson said, “Virgil is still present in this place. Like a benign, gentle ghost. He died right here.”
Another papier-mâché sculpture by Eugenie Gershoy in the lobby.
Hotel Chelsea exterior

Inside the colorful former residence of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Janis Joplin, and many more famous personalities. Photos: Inside the Fabled Walls of the Chelsea Hotel

“The Chelsea Hotel may be the only Manhattan lodging space famous for its grit rather than its glamour. Even as only a few of the establishment’s neon letters are lit at night, it remains a solid New York City tourist attraction, drawing all those curious about the infamous Nancy Spungen murder or their favorite Leonard Cohen lyric. Today, few tenants from that raucous era remain, and the hotel is now being renovated into an artist-friendly luxury hotel. As an accompaniment to Nathaniel Rich’s oral history of the Chelsea, we bid farewell to the former Chelsea with a photographic tour inside its storied hallways.” — Alex Beggs Vanity Fair | photos by Robert Polidori

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