Facial Recognition Technology is Here to Stay. And we should all probably accept it. — Quartz

Today these same companies are under fire from their employees over who this technology is being sold to, namely branches of the US government like the Department of Defense and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Facial Recognition Technology via quartz.com

There’s no putting the cat back in the bag.

Workers from Google, Microsoft, and now Amazon have signed petitions and quit in protest of the government work.

Read more at qz.com: Facial recognition technology is here to stay. And we should all probably get over it — Quartz

Sharing my perspective on this subject:  AI technology is moving so rapidly that if we don’t pay attention – and most people don’t – it will deal the final blow to what little is left of our privacy.  Our personal lives will no longer be personal.  We will become ‘profiles’ for governments, corporations, employers, and private citizens with the resources (aka $$$$$) to access and review and analyze.  Our humanity reduced to data on a server somewhere.   AI will record all our faces for what?  because it can?  The image our appearance, our moods and expressions, presents to the world is joining the rest of the 0’s and 1’s already accumulated to identify us.  No one will have any privacy their entire lives and we have yet to see the price we’ll all pay for it.   AmishHomo

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