Month: February 2018

CPAC Speaker Just Publicly Called Out Trump’s Infidelity. What Happened Next is Disturbing

CPAC got weird, and not for the reasons you’d think. Yes there was the requisite guru-ification of Trump and the sorely outdated chants of “lock her up,” but that was all to be expected. It was conservative writer and a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center Mona

Designer Kaimin Sent Merkins Down the Runway at New York Fashion Week | Metro News

Is that…pubic wigs…coming down the runway at New York Fashion Week? Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Designer Kaimin sent merkins down the runway at New York Fashion Week | Metro News

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What About Cows?

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania among the woods and farmland, we had some experience with this bovine because of the neighboring dairy farm.   Out of the barn at the same time every morning, and back to the barn at the same time late afternoon.       The cows

Moby feat. Julee Cruise – Drown Disco

(JCRZ Simple Remix)           Read more about Julee and her music @   Julee Cruise      

25 Things You Might Not Know About ‘The Shining’

BY MEREDITH DANKO NOVEMBER 6, 2015 1. Director Stanley Kubrick had an interest in horror well before he made The Shining.   3. Kubrick didn’t even read a screenplay that Stephen King wrote… 25 Things You Might Not Know About The Shining Also see the famous fan site run by

Nerds Rule, Tesla in Space! – Dan’s Wild Wild Science Journal

Today was a day that will long be remembered. Perhaps the most iconic images from space since the Apollo era as Elon Musk’s red Tesla climbed away from the Earth as millions watched it live. The images below are not fake. They are real, and from a video camera by

Luis Bunuel Quotes

“Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese.” – Luis Bunuel Luis Bunuel Quotes

Peter Godwin – Images of Heaven

Images of (Fashion) Heaven | Peter Godwin (Klara Tavakoli Goesche) Klara Tavakoli Goesche Published on Aug 11, 2010 Merged two things I love––slow motion 60’s fashion films (60’s-70’s fashion, in general) and one of my favorite tunes, Peter Godwin’s “Images of Heaven.” It has since been approved by the fabulous

Queer Pulp Novels

More Retro Gay Pulp Novels

Retro Queer fiction with racy titles and cover art that’s cheesy, funny and amusing look-back. Check out these ….


MOSCHINO | FALL WINTER 2018-19 | FULL FASHION SHOW Filmed on January 2018 at Milan Fashion Week MODEYES Published on Jan 16, 2018 See more at: MODEYES on YouTube

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