Living In Oblivion

You can’t hide the pain, I can see it scrawled on your empty face

And I feel the hurt, it’s in the words you say

So I ask again, Am I so alone and full of pride?

To never speak out, This is my world, this is my world

Don’t tell me now, I won’t feel those words

I won’t feel the lies they tell

Can you hear my scream?
It’s for everyone, for everyone

I am so afraid of living in oblivion
I am so afraid of living in oblivion

Anything Box is an electronic/synthpop musical group originally from Paterson, New Jersey and now based in Orange County, CA. They are best known for their 1989 Single “Living in Oblivion.” The band is one of the primary bands which carried electronic music’s transition…..

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Anything Box Graphic

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