Barry Manilow comes out / Queerty

Shocker! Barry Manilow Comes Out!

He was worried the news would disappoint his fans …

Source: Barry Manilow comes out / Queerty


Seriously, we all thought so for years, and was never really talked about.

At the age of 73, and after 50 years in the public eye, I’m sure many wonder why bother.  It’s good he finally just threw the closet door the rest of the way open and is living a happy life.


Barry Manilow and Bette Midler

Barry Manilow was Bette Midler’s music arranger and provided music for her shows at the Continental Baths in NYC in the very early 70’s.  He also wrote jingles for State Farm Insurance (Like a Good Neighbor…), Pepsi, Band-Aid (I am stuck on Band-Aid….), Kentucky Fried Chicken and others.



Thought I’d share a Barry Manilow playlist from YouTube – enjoy your favorite Manilow tune as a toast to his “Coming Out”  😀  👍🏻  😉   🎹  🎶


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